Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Governor O'Malley and Social Media

I just finished watching a small business town hall online with Governor Martin O'Malley (D., MD). It was broadcast on blue sky factory TV, a media outlet for Blue Sky Factory, a leading provider of email marketing tools and services, based in Baltimore. It was hosted by Mario Armstrong, a nationally known commentator on technology and Greg Cangliosi, the CEO of Blue Sky Factory.

It was pretty impressive to see a Governor use a combination of visual online media while fielding questions from the audience via a hash tag(#BSFTV) on Twitter. In this fairly tech savvy area, this is great way to connect with that constituency. With the technology incubator spaces in the state, including the Emerging Technology Centers in Baltimore, the technology area has been growing even as other industries struggle.

Kudos to Governor O'Malley for using social media to reach out to the citizens of Maryland. It's a pretty good indication that social media is reaching a critical mass and going mainstream.

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