Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Success Story from the Social Media Trenches

I've been following a very knowledgeable expert in Social Media for Financial Services, Christopher Langlois, of Visible Banking. He recently posted a presentation for SOMESSO Zurich 2009, a social media conference. It's a really good, comprehensive overview of the current state of social media in financial services around the world.

While we are mentioned as one of the active financial institutions in the US, he specifically highlights a servicing effort that resulted in a very good experience for one of our customers. Aaron Brazell, the lead editor of Technosailor.com, was the customer and wrote an excellent account of the whole experience entitled "First Mariner Bank: A New Shining Star in Social Media PR" . In his own words, he describes how these online tools and offline efforts can work together to service customers in a more integrated way. It isn't always easy since we build a lot of barriers into our servicing channels. If you want to see just how this can work, you need to read his post.

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