Friday, August 6, 2010

Walking the Walk

Thanks to Jacob Jegher, a Senior Analyst at Celent, I was turned on to the blog, eat sleep social. It's a pretty well written with some good, insight into social media. His latest post, "If you work in social media you need to be active in social media" really resonated with me.
There are too many, well documented stories about social media "experts" or "consultants" who rarely participate in the space. As noted in the post, if you are going to advise people to blog as a business strategy, then you better be blogging about it. A good example are Mike Sweeney and Will Davis of a local marketing firm here in Baltimore, Right Source Marketing. They recommend blogging as a key component of content marketing for their business clients. As marketers themselves, they are "walking the walk" by blogging about their own experiences in their Marketing Trenches blog. It's refreshing to see consistency between the message and the messenger.


  1. The statement "If you work in social media you need to be active in social media" seems so self-evident to me.

    I mean, would you seek advice about getting heart surgery from someone who's never performed heart surgery before?

  2. Ron, I agree 100%. The fact is,there are plenty of people who tout themselves as social media specialists but don't actively (or effectively) particpate. And company leaders who arenew to the space and aren't actively involved themselves, don't know any better.