Thursday, April 1, 2010

Content + Visibilty + Promotion= Increased Readership

At our financial institution, we've had a Blog for over two years. Frankly, it was buried in our About Us section with little traffic to it. Recently, however, we've seen some significant increases due to two significant events. First, we posted an article discussing the Reg E changes coming up this summer and designed a banner on the home page to promote it. In a little over two weeks, this post alone has generated 601 page views and 6 comments from customers. Second, we brought the Blog "front and center" to a more prominent spot on our Home Page. Given the traffic on our home page, we think this will dramatically increase our page views and comments. We are really excited about the initial results!
And, of course, we continue to use social media tools like Twitter and Facebook to make our extended networks aware of the new posts. Let's face it, content and visibility without promotion is like a tree falling in the forest; does anybody really hear it?

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